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is browser post jam or jam version

it's the jam version, post jam is download only

iI managed to get myself stuck


me just looking for a fun game


Awesome Sound Track. Great Game


Really good game, and I wish there was more.


super game


I am getting better


The game was really fun, congratulations.

Do you want to make the source code available?

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I didn't intend to. There's really nothing special going on here and when I update the game, I'd like to have the option to use some of the commercial plugins I bought.

Is there something in particular you're curious about?

Edit: scrolled through some of your posts - you seem generally interested in modding games on the plattform. If you have ideas for where you would take all strings attached, we could have a chat over discord or sth.

I'm also a developer, I really liked the string system he made, it was very interesting.

dd me on discord Fred Oliveira # 7105


Hi! We really enjoyed this game! Trapped ourselves inside a crowd of boxes a few times in the web version, but overall we found it very fun. We'd love to have it on (non-exclusively of course)-- if you're interested, please email us at with the name of your game in the subject line. Looking forward to hearing from you!


That was a lot of fun! I love all the different physics interactions. Curious how you pulled off the 3D cubes in a 2d physics game without breaking everything


You can use 3D cubes and just give them 2DBoxCollider - pretty straight forward. :)


i was wondering does this support controller

Nope. Would make it, if it'd interest you enough to give the game a try. :)



Really enjoyed this game! The mechanics were amazing and satisfying! I'd love to see a full game made around this!




Hey, amazing to hear. 

Honestly it's one of my experiments I like the most. But I think for even an hour of playtime, I'd need to come up with more mechanics. I feel like even at the end of the current game the gameplay is probably on the verge of getting stale for most people.

Also I can't write stories for the life of me. So I really wouldn't know where to take this narratively. haha


I wasn't getting sick at all, plus a thing you could do is get the player to use boxes to move themselves around. That might be fun!

ah yes, that was actually something I had planned for a level, but ran out of time for doing so during the jam. I'll think of something. Thanks for the response. :)


Opps softlocked myself hahaha,on the level with the discard I discarded the cubes and the guy don't said anything


The controls and stuff remind me of a game called give up robot. Is it based on that? Either way it's a pretty good game!

ah no, I don't know give up robot sadly. Controls are mostly inspired by Worms Armageddons rope slinging. :D


Ah yeah cool. Can i ask how you got it working?

I imagine you're asking about the rope-mechanic?

It's actually fairly simple, the hook has a statemachine which tells when to pull the player and the pullcode is super basic: 

case State.Hooked:
                if (connectedBody)
                    var targetVelocity = (rb2D.position - (Vector2)aimPoint.position);
                    if (targetVelocity.sqrMagnitude > 1f) targetVelocity = targetVelocity.normalized;
                    connectedBody.velocity = targetVelocity * pull;
                //pulling player


connectedBody is the rigidbody of the player character, rb2D is the rigidbody of the hook and aimPoint is the transform from which the hook got shot.

The players velocity is getting set directly, because just adding force is super wonky in Unitys 2D physics.




Now I feel like spiderman, thanks

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interesting concept, but really really annoying controls, the connectors barely work, and it's not explained how to get rid of them. Overall pretty cool but the inaccuracy of the connectors and the strings made me quite pretty quickly

Edit That's not to say this is a bad game, it's actually quite fun, I just don't have much of an attention span for the small kinds of nuisances like innaccuracy

Interesting. Did you play the downloadable Postjam version of the game or the web-version?

I did experiment with faster connectors & aimlines in the postjam version - if you haven't tried that - I'd be interested if you feel like it's an improvement or not. 

In terms of tutorialisation - would you have prefered a textprompt which say something along the lines of "Click your left mouse button to disconnect connector lines!" ? I thought it was quite clever to have the second obstacle requiring the use of that mechanic - but maybe it was too subtle/ forgettable?


I played the web version, so I might check out the downloadable version! Really I think my biggest issue with the connectors was that it wasn't reliable at all if the connectors would actually disconnect, again, this is just on the web version so it may be better with the other one! If it does work more reliably on the downloadable one then I can't see any problem leaving it unwritten/spoken!


We've been playing random Itchio games all night with my friend and yours really stood out. It's really well level designed and has some amazing ideas. Great Job ! 

wow, that's really cool to hear. Thank you so much.