700 Downloads and first Multiplayer Testsession

Hey, first of I wanted to thank anyone who downloaded my game - I didnt expect numbers in this capacity at all and feel honored about the interest in the game.

I'm still a student so updates are going to come somewhat periodically, although I'm going to stay tweaking the game on a semiregular basis.
Also if you have feedback on it or ideas about what would make it better, I'm always glad to hear them.

Alpha5 patchnotes:

  • added a new racing-track
  • changed the checkpoint colliders from sphere- to boxcolliders
  • added an ingameoption to enable visuals to the checkpoints

After sitting down with a couple of friends, I noticed that quite often they had trouble finishing laps, because they got pushed off the road frequently, I looked at a way to make the checkpoint system somewhat more lenient.

Things I'm working on currently (mini-roadmap)

  • gameoptions (laps,cars,playercount) staying persistent during one playsession (especially putting in the # of players again and again can be annoying)
  • players being able to choose colors for their respective cars during setup in the mainmenu
  • a nitroboost to drive through hordes of cars pushing everything in your way out of it
  • new gamemode involving a growing armada of cars following the players
  • Implementation of custom 3D-sound to enable all players during a multiplayersession to have sound instead of just relying on the first players sound, while everyone else is driving mute
  • a clever way to highlight relevant ai_cars (basically cars which are in your current round thus having an actual effect on your placement when passing them)
  • revamping the car-physics to make slopes behave better and stuff like loopings possible

Thanks for your interest and I hope you're having fun!


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Dec 17, 2017

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